Santa Monica Maternity Session


Maternity Session

In Home Lifestyle Maternity Session

Santa Monica, CA


Ahh, lifestyle sessions!  Hands down one of my favorite types of sessions to photograph!  Lifestyle sessions are especially great for families as it captures the true essence of what your family and home is like, right now.  As we all know, our families change so fast and being able to look back at family portraits is wonderful but being able to look back at a lifestyle session is truly nostalgic.  The way your living room looked in the morning light, the things on your kitchen counter, your bed linens, the toys thrown about..those things which we see everyday that make up our daily lives but years from now, will you remember them?  One of the things I love so much about looking at old family photos is not just looking at my adorable grandma and her cute hairstyle but the background stuff – the pack of cigarettes, the record player, the cars!  Photos tell a story and are a time capsule!  Lifestyle sessions can be making cookies from scratch in the kitchen, dance parties in the living room (with lots of tickles and candid smiles) or just hanging out in the bedroom…lifestyle sessions are laid back and really easy.

I’ve been photographing this family for several years and I always love mom’s vision – bright, beautiful light; neutral outfit choices; lots of snuggles, tickles and even jumping on the bed!  Hope you enjoy!  xx – Teresa

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